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There are different SEO strategies and this keep on changing every passing year in various platforms of the digital marketing field.


The most important strategy for the SEO Basics is increasing the engagement.
Engagement is nothing but it means holding on a person’s attention in the web page desired. Or else we can say it in  Digital Marketing  language that the amount of time spent on a page by the person.
And there is always a relationship between the organic position and bounce rate of a webpage. Because as the bounce rate increases similarly the organic position and the rankings if the web page will decrease.
And it is said that a person only spends some time on your website only if he requires it thinks it as an informative or useful for his work.
Google also wants to deliver its user the best result whenever a person is searching something so Google always pushes the push forward those sites which have a better engagement in the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages.


latest SEO techniques even gives importance for the contents that is to written in the website.
Content is the most important thing for any website because it is the first thing that comes up when a user opens the website.
And the readability increases only when a good and eye-catching content is there. As these things only will improve the engagement rate for the website.
According to the survey the content writing also contains some tactics which are listed below:
The paragraphs that we write for the website some be the shorter one and should be limited up to 2-3 lines per paragraph. And if necessary only one line can be a paragraph for the but include the paragraphs for the blog with bullets in a point-wise manner.
Longer sentences are a boon for the website because people don’t will to see a full and long sentence instead if sentences are broken then it will attract them a lot.
Most of the time don’t read the full content it is so recommended to have a subheading which will draw their attention to read the whole content.
Writing the contents in a pointwise manner and keeping it brief will always help and giving the bullets points are the best.


One of the most important Top SEO tricks is making the people stay in your page to longer time.
The surveys say that the longer the content is that much engagements we can get from the users. As longer the contents are on a webpage that much users get attracted to the page.
Because of these engagements, the rankings of the webpage will improve a lot.
Whereas, if we write a blog post which is of 2000 words it becomes a very intense and time-consuming work. And taking down that blog from 0 to 2000 is even a difficult task.
But instead, if we already have a blog of 1200 words and taking that blog from 1200 to 2000 is an easier task. So, it is always better to move step by step instead of leaping to a conclusion.
We have another benefit that the existing content will be already having a readership and viewers to it. If the re-purposed and written again them more viewers would be added to the existing view.
It is better to write from where it is left than writing from the scratch because the more number viewers would only be added and leads would be updated and refreshed.


Youtube marketing is considered as one of the best SEO tactics of 2018.
When we search something on Youtube then most of the time and according to the surveys it is found that in the top 10 Google search Youtube is one of them.
Youtube is considered as the second most popularly searched website in the Google searches and getting a huge amount of traffic from Google is the best thing you can ever do.
On Youtube, we will always get twice the amount of traffic that we get from any other form of the Google search.
3 billion searches are there for Youtube which is very much higher than any other site it has more searches than Bing, Yahoo etc.


The advanced SEO tricks even supports the huge need of site speeding. This is one of the important factors for increasing page rankings.
Google even checks the speed of the site for the purpose of ranking it. And Google has always given priority to speed for the purpose of ranking it high.
There are a lot of tools that are available to check the speed of the site and improve the speed of it. Which even have the mobile pages to accelerate the pages to boost and improve the page site.
Google has launched another tool to check the speed of the site and the tool is called as Think With Google which will check the speed of the website and tells how responsive the site is.


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