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BPM is that system whose integral work is to monitor inconsistencies and rectify those inconsistencies and process those things to avoid complicacy while working. Pivotal solutions provide this Business Process Management for different sectors and confiding it to only one sector. Every software developed requires updating and renewing from time to time or we can say as whenever new technological updates come up. And it can be easily re-modeled when a new technology shows up by the IT department of the specific site. As the BPM contains very low- coding part it attracts a lot of users due to this factor.

While in a corporate environment BPM or Business Process Management works as a savior as the diversity that exists in the company can be overcome by processing the existing enterprise. With the help of Business Process Management it becomes easy for anyone to monitor the work of the employees, current ongoing processes can be managed and checked easily the other important things like graphical schemes that are visual can be created using business process management.


BPM usually helps in managing and improving the end- to- end Enterprise Mobility of a company. And it helps in achieving the crucial and important things which can be categorized as:

Strategic planning of your expectations or goals and making it go in a right direction to achieve the goal.

Setting up all the resources are the required for the fulfillment of the task and aligning them in a categorized form.

Increasing the productivity by having a disciplined and a nice work culture.


  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Optimization


Design usually involves all the basic things that are to be done which can be called as the process designs also. It involves all the things that are required to achieve the desired results which means the basic layout or the designs that are required to reach the goal. This involves a lot of things like the full representation of the processes that is been involved and the process flow, the important factors that are resided within it, the creation of the alerts while something wrong goes up or when some error or wrong thing is going to happen. In the same way, giving notification while something important comes up. The operating procedures should be standard and the work escalation should be there. It also involves things like Level Agreement, specific Mechanism for the hand-over of the task.

The main aim of this step is to deliver the best and attractive designs for the business that are efficient enough to grab the attention of the customers. And the designs may include anything like the web designs or web development, designs for the e-commerce sites anything which includes digital marketing services in it. And these services includes all type of workflows like between human to human, from human to a system, from system to system also. Its biggest advantage is it generates the target that is important to create the challenging platform for the employees to work on.

To foresee the already developed process and new process so that they both don’t collide and create any interruption instead it should be working out very smoothly in a synchronized way.


When we take up the theoretically based designs and make combine it or transform it into the variables which are more precise and deliver you the more accurate and desired result directly without any further search is said to be as modeling.

It involves a lot of questions that are based on the technology but start with the tag word “What if?” modeling in simple is helping out the customers with a more precise way of searching and involving the desired things only. A search which gives customers direct results instead of lots of time spent to find it out.


Execution is all about business process execution which is all about validating an already existing or discovered business process. Getting the access for the business process is done using the manual, automatic or both manual and automatic process. Manually it is done by the human beings, automatic means it is done by the system or it is software driven. Whereas the business method automation includes all the methods and software which are accessed through automated the business process.

The reference architecture of the Business automation Execution is being arranged and performed in the Business process layer or the consumer process layer. There are some low code designs like the BPMS, iBPMS these code designs support or position the Business process layer. But as there is an increasing using of robotic automation it uses software to perform the tasks and that too in the presentation layer only. Due to all these kind of problems companies have been developing their own software in a computer language that the computer can easily execute it. Execution of this process model is much easier as the processes are done directly from the model, it gives the input to the human beings only when the front end modeling becomes difficult to automate by the software. The direct execution process is very easy and can be executed very easily and is more straightforward.


Monitoring basically means keeping a check on the each and every Business execution process, through which it makes easy to check the information and the final statistics of the performance can be drawn from it. The very usual work of this is the tracking of the customer order after they place an order to till they receive it through this tracking the problems and the invoice statements can be found easily that too in the right time.

This is very useful while contacting the customers and the suppliers it increases the transparency and connections. This leads to the faster determination of where the fault occurred or how fastly the order reached to the customers it didn’t reach why it didn’t reach? This thing helps a lot for any e-commerce website, whereas for the website it somehow works as the enterprise mobility or the third party agent.

The main tool or the method for monitoring is the Process mining. The process mining usually analyze the event logs that are extracted from the process monitoring.


Optimization or the process optimization basically the end point of the process, it gives us the performance result of the whole project starting from the modeling to re-modeling to executing and monitoring. It also finds the different ways to determine the potential opportunities for saving the capital and delivering the effective results with required improvements and enhancing the whole process. There are different tools for process mining which can be used to determine the activities and create an error free and valued business.


  • Consulting and roadmap for BPM.
  • BPM whole setup.
  • Implementing it in your work.
  • Application development.
  • Global development.
  • Assessing the whole work.
  • Upgrading it.
  • Testing BPM.


  • At Pivotal solutions, we work as experts having the image of the customers in the mind. And works as the customer's point of view.
  • We gather all the information about your work, things required to done and the errors required to fix and improve everything completely.
  • Standardize the processes using the ready-made accelerators to get faster deliveries.
  • Human errors and time consumptions are reduced using automation.
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