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Ethical Hacking Training

Pivotalsoft is the NO.1 Ethical Hacking training institute offering the best Ethical Hacking training in Visakhapatnam, expert guidance and 100% placement assistance.

Are you seeking a Ethical Hacking job? Are you an IT professional longing for a career change in Ethical Hacking? Are you a Developer looking to acquire the best Ethical Hacking project support? Are you a team looking for the best Ethical Hacking classroom training, online training and real-time hands-on training on Ethical Hacking? Are you looking for a fast track Ethical Hacking course? Are you willing to do one on one Ethical Hacking training in Visakhapatnam? Are you keen to undergo live online training on Ethical Hacking? Are you a college student interested to learn Ethical Hacking? Do you need Ethical Hacking project support on the job?

If any of these above questions is hitting your mind, Don't worry...We are here to help you with Ethical Hacking course. From the day 1 until the course completion, Pivotalsoft and our well qualified tutors will provide you the unique, supportive and convenient learning environment. So, you can make use of this golden opportunity to learn a technology from the scratch until you become an expert.

About Ethical Hacking Course:

With ranked as No.1 Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Visakhapatnam, we have a team of highly qualified instructors with 10+ IT professional experience, mentoring the candidates for the Ethical Hacking Course. This course is for students and developers who have thorough knowledge and experience on the fundamentals of Ethical Hacking Programming. This course covers the specialized topics in Ethical Hacking like Linux Basic Concepts, Introduction to KALI Linux, System Hacking, Social engineering and many more.
Each session will be backed by solid theoretical explanations followed by relevant sample projects (practical) and assignments to ensure the trainee has complete knowledge on the topic. In addition to the practical application development sessions, the training also includes deployment of the application developed by the team of trainees according to the requirements into real-time servers.

Today we live in technology world.Most of the benefits of ethical hacking are obvious, but many are overlooked. The benefits range from simply preventing malicious hacking to preventing national security breaches. ... Fighting against terrorism and national security breaches. Having a computer system that prevents malicious hackers from gaining access.
Freshers (BE, BTech, BSc, BCA, MSc, MCA & any other graduates*) who want to make career as a Software developer, Engineer Developers.can also take up this course.
In Today's world everyone wants to their business to be automated and distribute over internet. World is becoming more smart and internet reached even remote areas. Most of the companies looks for Ethical Hacking because of its secure, distribute, simple, maps easily to real time objects. 90% company’s choice is Ethical Hacking for their business. So join Ethical Hacking training in Visakhapatnam at Pivotalsoft for your career growth.

Key Features:

Best pyhton training in Visakhapatnam


Best pyhton training in Visakhapatnam


Best pyhton training in Visakhapatnam


Best pyhton training in Visakhapatnam

24 X 7

Best pyhton training in Visakhapatnam


Best pyhton training in Visakhapatnam


Ethical Hacking Training Course Content :

Chapter 1 :Linux Basic Concepts

  • Basic Networking and Ip address
  • Introduction to Ethical hacking
  • overview of Ethical hacking
  • Ethical hacking Phases
  • Information Gathering
  • Email Header Analasis

Chapter 2 :Introduction to KALI Linux

  • Installing KALI Linux
  • Network Scanning
  • Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  • enatration testing
  • Metasploitable linux
  • NMAP overview
  • NMAP Scripting Engine
  • Metasploit Overview
  • Cryptography

Chapter 3 : System Hacking

  • Malware Threats
  • Sniffing
  • Encryption Algorithem
  • Batch programming
  • Extensions and icons of Batch Files
  • Windows Hacking
  • Windows Security
  • Network Proxies

Chapter 4 : Social engineering

  • Hacking Web Servers
  • Hacking Web Applications

Chapter 5 : SQL Injections

  • Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Hacking Mobile Platforms
  • Wireless LAN introduction
  • Wireshark Overview


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Ethical Hacking is a Find out who an ethical hacker, sometimes also called a white hat hacker, is and how an ethical hacker differs from other types of hackers. Take a look at ways. So, to know this tool inside out an expert who knows everything about the tool is required. Pivotalsoft has the best trainer who knows all these type of tools inside out and works on it effectively. He has an experience of 8 years in handling the tools like these. He even gave a lot of workshops to the software employees regarding these type of tools and made them efficient to learn and use them in their work.

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