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Why To Choose Social Media Marketing | Complete Guide - Devi Nanda

Why To Choose Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing or commonly known as SMM is one of the biggest tool any marketer has.

Since the dawn of The Internet, marketers online are actively searching for the most productive marketing platform which could give them the leverage over their audience.
After the launch of Social media platforms, digital marketers are even more active and thirsty for trending social media platform.
Someone who nails the trending social media properly, definitely leverages a lot out of it.

Before diving deep, let me tell you some basics of online marketing: (read more about Digital Marketing Here)

  • The main motive of online marketing is “reach”
  • Targeting: Picking the right audience for the campaign by selecting audience while setting up the campaign.
  • The people whom we target on the Internet are called “audience”
  • An account is necessary on any platform to market
  • Primarily two ways of targeting is there: organic posts, ads

Although the most famous way of marketing is Search Engine Marketing also called SEM. The reason behind this is quite simple, any person searching for anything on any search engine(Google, Bing, Yahoo etc)already knows what he is looking for. This makes it quite obvious that a person who finds our page is already looking for a product or service same as our’s.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important:

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

As we found out in the section above, people in SEM are already looking for a solution to their problem and it’s easy to convert them into a lead.
Now think for a while, how many times have you been to any Social Media Platform looking for a service or a product. Never, Right?
Then why are Social Media Platforms still important and Digital Marketers like me are constantly moving towards Social Media.
The reason is, or I should say the reasons are:
Search engine Marketing vs social media marketing FIRST :IT’S CHEAP, Exactly, marketing on Social Media Platforms are way cheaper than Search Engine marketing, the reason being the same as before, less interested audience.
SECOND: Bigger Reach: The reach in Social media is quite big, sharing a content on any Facebook group itself gives a very large audience, if people find the content good or engaging then they start sharing the content and within no time it gets viral and gets a much wider audience, that too FREE.
Both the reasons above are more than enough to understand why marketers are crazy about Social Media Marketing.

Psychology Of Social Media Users:

psychology of social media users

Everybody on social Media are there for a single reason, FUN!!
People share their posts, read other people’s posts, get in touch with distant friends, everything people do on social media simply defines the human psychology that, people take some time out of their hectic day to relax and have some fun through Social Media.
The big question which arises here is that, why will anyone care to buy something, engage with your product or simply WORK when they are thinking of having FUN.
Just think for a while, the people who use Social Media are also consumers when they are out of social media. Now marketing something on Social Media after targeting people who have interest in product like yours is simply giving people an opportunity to have FUN while they are WORKING or WORK while having FUN, notice that we have changed a person’s WORK into FUN by showing his routine searches from Google on his favorite time pass Social Media platform’s newsfeed.
Who wouldn’t like it!!
Chances Of Success: PRIETY HIGH, isn’t it!

How To Leverage Social Media:

As we discussed earlier audience on Social Media are not there to buy, but are there to have fun. Before selling anything to them, we must have a targeted audience i.e; a specific group of people who are ready to buy our service or product.

Post On Social Media can be categorized into two scenario’s:

paid or organic social media platform to Choose

1. Organic:

Creating a group of people on social media platforms like Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter followers,Iinstagram followers and then publishing content on our profile/page ensures that only people who are interested or have shown interest earlier are the audience of our post. In this case people are already a part of our regular posts and are engaging with our posts on a regular basis, there is also a high chance that these people will also respond positively to our new marketing campaign.

2. Paid:

For a paid campaign, usually the organic audience is left behind as we don’t want to spend money on those whom we can target organically.
Hence the audience is new, now the biggest challenge for any Social Media Marketing campaign is to find the right audience.
While setting up a campaign on any social media platform we get an option to select the audience whom we want to target for our ads, the ads are shown to only those whom we select, hence selecting the right audience for any campaign is the most vital part of any campaign.

Some options for audience selection in Campaign settings:

  • Age
  • Target Location
  • Location to exclude
  • Interest
  • Gender
  • Monthly income
  • Occupation(in LinkedIn)
  • Time to show add

By using the options above we can select a targeted audience for any of our campaigns, which allows us to leverage most out of our ads. This also makes it very vital to select the audience wisely.

High Performing Social Media Platforms:

Selecting the right Social Media platform is also a very vital part. One must think wisely before putting money and effort on the platform, some top performing Social media platforms are:

Which social media platform to Choose

1. Facebook: Facebook has a vast user base and it should be the base of all Social Media Platforms for any marketer. Live streaming and video content best works for Facebook. Making a strong presence on Facebook can increase business as well as reputation for the business
2. Instagram: Instagram is basically an image sharing app where people come to see and share pictures. Except Europe and US, Instagram only lets people to share links only on profile bio.With shopping feature, live video feature, and swipe up status feature Instagram is a very powerful medium for marketing specially for e-commerce store owners. If you have a visual or physical product avoiding Instagram is a deadly mistake for your business.
3. Snapchat: 60% of the users of Snapchat are below 25 years of age, content posted on Snapchat only lasts for 24 Hours and hence creates a sense of urgency. Showing behind the scene content, exclusive content on a regular basis makes loyal audience on Snapchat. If you think your product can do something on Snapchat than definitely give it a shot.
4. Twitter: Twitter is a great place to find people who are looking for service like yours or are struggling with an issue your product can resolve. Every tweet is given hash tags, hence just with hash tags you can find tweets or people whom you can offer your service, Isn’t that great, if you are not on twitter yet, signup for it today. You will love it!
5. Youtube: A platform made to share and view videos, Youtube has grown 1000 folds from its launch on 2005. In 2007 Google bought It for 1.65 Billion and today just like Google, Youtube has become an integral part of every person’s life. on Youtube Making and sharing highly engaging videos are the only key to success.If you can make good videos for Youtube, your business can grow overnight. Making good videos and throwing as ads can definitely give boost to any campaign.
6. LinkedIn: Linked In is often referred as professional Facebook. On Linked In people share the content which somehow tends to give knowledge. A bigger part of Linked In is about sharing their professional profile so that the search for a job or employee could be easier than ever. For marketers it is very important to marketers products which are somehow providing knowledge to the reader or at least fulfills some of their needs. Institutes, Insurance companies etc could be successful on Linked In whereas furniture stores, ecommerce could fail.

Things to think before choosing any social media

If you are going to invest your money through paid ads or just your hard labor on any Social Media platform, you must think of multiple factors before going forward with SMM.

reach of Social Media
  • Where are people actually looking for services like yours
  • What type of Information are they looking for (could be pdf, a sample, a demo)

Here is a checklist you must go through before selecting right Social Media Platform:

  • Is the Social Media platform currently trending
  • Are the people in the Platform already available on groups
  • How hard is it to make authority
  • Can Links be provided regularly
  • How often are people expected to leave the platform to visit your website.


Why to choose social media marketing-conclusion

With this blog we have covered a lot of ground, we have learnt:

  • What is Social Media Marketing
  • Common terms in Social Media Marketing
  • Why SMM should be chosen over SEM
  • Why you should do Social Media marketing
  • Psychology Of Social Media Users
  • Which are the effective Social Media platforms
  • Which One you should go for